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6 Reasons Why You Might Need to Replace Your Barcode Scanner

You bought a barcode scanner for your store after exploring different types, brands and reviews. However, you failed to consider some very important things specific to your business needs and now you regret it. Here are some very common reasons that call for a replacement so that you keep your POS hardware efficient and productive.

Challenging Barcodes

Not all barcodes are the same. You may come across items with barcodes that are too tiny to get scanned easily. In another case, some of the barcodes may have poor prints. Then, some barcodes may get damaged or spoiled in transition. To summarise, the scanner you use might have the big task of reading problematic barcodes with the same precision. If that’s not happening, consider replacing it immediately.

Environment Conditions

Do you know that the lighting at stores can affect the functionality of Barcode Scanners? A scanner with high brightness is apt for a place with high-intensity lights. On the contrary, a store with less intense lights can have a low-brightness scanner. Likewise, you must consider the Ingress Protection rating of the device if you are using it in a high-dust area.

Ergonomic Design

If you invested in a heavy handheld barcode scanner, it might be causing hand fatigue to your cashier. Similarly, a device handle that is too thick may not be ideal for a comfortable grip throughout the day. Consequently, your employees might be facing efficiency issues from the very first day. Don’t consider it an insignificant factor, but get a scanner with the right ergonomic design for better use.


In the fast-changing world, you can’t rely on fixed/stationery scanners only. What if you need to scan barcodes on a heavy item? How about the scanning needs outside the store? For instance, you would need barcode scanners for sale in fairs, exhibitions and at other places. If you didn’t give it a thought earlier, it’s not late to buy a mobile/cordless barcode scanner. It is one investment with some great returns.

Incompatible Software

This should not have happened in the first place itself. While purchasing a barcode reader, it is crucial to ensure that it is compatible with the POS software your store runs. Besides, you must also keep in mind choosing a scanner compatible with different software systems, if you run many on various POS stations in your store/supermarket.

Digital Barcodes

Did you buy a scanner that reads physical adhesive barcodes perfectly? That’s all right! But, what about the growing trends of digital barcodes that are directly printed on the packages? In addition, you may also come across barcodes on computer/laptop/mobile screens that your current device might fail to read. Undoubtedly, it may prove disastrous and you must correct the arrangement with a new device.

A user-friendly scanner that addresses each of the present issues that you face can change the game for your business. If you think the price is an obstacle for instance investment, you can buy barcode scanners online to save money and also to compare different models and brands in large varieties.